I should seriously stop drinking

Sometimes i wish i was i dragon. Being able to breathe fire, instead of throwing something at the wall whenever i’m frustrated and angry, seems so much more satisfying.

well, she went to the cinema with me and my bestie today. progress.

Anonymous: As someone with social anxiety, I think it would actually be a good idea to tell them that you know they struggle with social things, but you still want to be their friend. If someone said that to me, I'd probably cry out of gratefulness.

Aw, now i wanna be your friend too. :) thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it.

just found out i’m getting $2500 back on my tax refund. i’m so fucking happy. yesterday was horrible, but this made me feel a bit better

i actually think that would work. i have social anxiety and i’m always totally relieved when other people initiate everything.

thanks for saying that! i actually think i’m gonna do it. and i don’t really do these things, i hate initiating contact. we’ll see. :)

wanting to become friends with a person who, because of her social anxiety, isn’t capable of opening the messages and snapchats i send her, was not a great idea.

i feel this constant need to fix people, and she’s the third one during these past three months… i know that i can’t fix her, and that i probably shouldn’t even try, but i just want to be her friend, and i want her to get better. i honestly don’t know what to do, because i don’t want to be too pushy, but she seems to really like me.

i just wanna show up at her doorstep and say “hey. i know you struggle. i know you’re incapable of answering my messages, and that’s okay. and i know this may be a bit too direct, but i wanna try to be your friend. and if you want that, then maybe you should come with me now, or let me in, and if you don’t then just say so and i’ll get out of your face.”

just realised how ugly i am when i cry. wow.